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Gabriella Isabelle Hold Ups Natural/Champagne


Gabriella Isabelle Hold Ups Natural/Champagne




Introducing the treasured Isabelle from the new Gabriella collection ‘In Love’. A delightful design embracing decorative sexy lace with a subtle pattern providing the perfect complement and style to special occasions. This design comes in natural / champagne which predominantly the legs are covered in nude (natural) colour and the lace is champagne. These thin delicate self-supporting hold ups contain two individual silicone strips inside the lace band; the silicone looks great on the naked skin and it prevents the slipping and wrinkling of the hold ups whilst worn. The use of elastane with polyamide silk ensures not only the durability of the hold ups and confidence in every step but also the breathability and comfort of use even on warm days. And to give further support the toes are invisibly re-enforced. The finishing touch is the packaging; luxurious feel and touch with a representation of the product on the front branded with blue metallic ‘in love’ font. A further image is located on the back to show the back view when the hold ups are worn. These hold ups are also available in natural / blue (the blue as in something blue for your wedding!) and are also found on the website.


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