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Libivis Man


Libivis Man



It is a sexual supplement based on L-arginine, Zinc, Vitamin C, Beetroot, Cordyceps, Maca and Tribulus
Zinc helps to increase testosterone’s blood levels,  fertility, and reproduction.
It contributes to normal carbohydrates and fatty acids’ metabolism and to skin and hair’s health.
Vitamin C promotes tiredness and fatigue reduction, and it favors normal energy metabolism.
It contributes to proper formation of collagen, as a significant skin component.
The Beetroot has antioxidant properties.
The Cordyceps, Maca and Tribulus have a tonic effect in case of physical and mental fatigue, and they help to support metabolism.
Furthermore, Tribulus favors the urinary tract functionality and digestive activity.

30 Tabs

1 tablet a day



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